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Wan Gong 2014 Spring

2014's Wan Gong is honey sweet with an initial flavor of orchids, complex mid palate and finish. The mouthfeel is voloptuously thick and smooth. Even if oversteeped it will not become astringent. There is a clear but subtle floral aroma that emanates from the tea liquor. A clear stand out tea from our 2014 selection. Highly recommend!

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Wan Gong 2014 Spring

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Buy together with our 2013 Spring Wan Gong and 2012 Spring Wan Gong for a vertical tasting. You can also compare against our 2011 Autumn Ding Jia Zhai and 2011 Xin Sheng Li Hao Wan Gong

Customer Reviews

Knocks your socks off

Review by BigDaddy (from Steepster)
One of those teas that instantly knocks your socks off and I wasn’t wearing any to begin with. Used a thin walled gaiwan, rinse and 10 minute stroll to feed the birds then steeps of 30/30/30/30/40/40/40/50/50/60/60/70/70/90/115/130/145/160 and so on. Liquor was thick pouring and on the tongue, with flavors starting out floral and then turning sweet. Not a trace of astringency, a slight bitterness but you have to be paying attention. The spent large leaves are all whole and uniform and as I looked in my strainer not a piece of broken leaf to be found. A most amazing tea, will be buying the whole cake next time. (Posted on 8/3/15)

Amazing taste and energy

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
Another excellent Pu’er from Eugene and Belle. In their words “… this Wangong cake is a stand out processing from the 2014 spring harvest” and are they ever correct. The color of the soup is a beautiful golden color. The smell of the soup is an excellent floral and grassy combination that is a delight to smell. The taste is quite simply amazing. To my taste buds the soup has a very well balanced floral and grass flavor with just a hint of honey that comes out at the end. What really surprised me is just how smooth this Sheng is. After seven steepings there was absolutely no astringency and just the slightest hint of kuwei. My favorite part of this Sheng is the energy it exhibits. Here I am twenty minutes after my last sip and my tastes buds are still excited and I can actually still taste this wonderful tea. (Posted on 7/27/14)

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