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Ding Jia Zhai 2011 Autumn

Picked from Wangong's ancient tea trees 3 hours walk from Yaozu Dingjiazhai village, this tea is viscous, floral and fruity, with long stems. Stone pressed in Yiwu & air dried. To celebrate the new year we're offering this tea on sale for a limited time. Get in quick, it's hard to find a genuine aged pu'er from old trees, at sub-$50 these days!
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Steeping Instructions:
Use 8g of tea in 100ml brewing vessel. As this is Autumn tea, adjust your steep times to be a bit longer than usual. This tea can be re-infused 10 times.

Ding Jia Zhai 2011 Autumn

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This tea has been reviewed by Jakub Tomek

Wan Gong is one of our favorite puer tea groves, and we've been producing tea there for consecutive years. Compare this tea against our 2014 Spring Wan Gong, 2013 Spring Wan Gong and 2012 Spring Wan Gong for a vertical tasting. You can also compare against our Xin Sheng Li Hao's 2011 Autumn Wan Gong

Customer Reviews

Sweet, smokey, well balanced

Review by meowster (from Steepster)
The leaves were surprisingly easy to break apart. I’m VERY BAD at breaking cakes apart but had no difficulty with this. Leaves definitely looked aged.

I did a rinse of about 5 seconds, then did a 5 second first steep. It was a little rough around the edges but was unexpectedly sweet! I read other reviews on this tea and was expecting something more bitter. For some reason I associate cha qi with not yummy tea lol

Second steep is a pleasant surprise of honeyed camphor and slight smokiness. I don’t usually enjoy smokey tea, but this was well balanced.

The next steeps are a bit more savory. I tasted some plum notes as well.

Flavors: Camphor, Honey, Plums, Smoke, Sweet (Posted on 1/2/19)

The challenger

Review by Freddy
I feel its a challenge, either you like it or not. This mainly floral autumn tea is rather weak on the soup, so it may have to be brewed with upped amount or extended brewing time. Because it is a autumn tea, it's got different unusual characteristics compared to spring tea. But its not hidden at all, the name is in the title, so customers should know what to expect. Location might be close to Yiwu but there is not much typical Yiwu sweetness, the cake is a bit like the smell of foliage with a floral character. I suspect it may be overpicked a little, but the basic material seems to be good. There is some clear astringency when brewed too hard, that makes this cake somewhat challenging because it's got a rather weak base, so the brewing need to be "pushed up". Although with the recent price drop i think its worth it to try it out and prehaps a interesting new experience into the world of autumn teas. (Posted on 8/17/14)

A gem of a tea

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
This is my first sample from Eugene and Belle and it is a gem!!!! The smell of the leaves is that of green hay (my grandfather was a hay farmer) with a slight floral accent. The soup is a very light honey in color and smells like green hay mixed with flowers with a bit of smokiness thrown in. The taste is excellent. It is a very bold fruity/floral mixture with a beautiful huigan and absolutely no astringency. The energy of this tea is incredible, long after drinking this tea my taste buds are still excited and I can still taste the tea itself. I will be ordering a bing of this gem!!!!! (Posted on 7/27/14)

Revisiting old friends...

Review by DP
I am quite partial to teas from WanGong and DingJiaZhai. As such, I bought this cake when it first was released. Pretty much immediately after pressing. (Living in Shanghai has it's advantages when it comes to shipping times). When the tea arrived I felt it was a bit muted, and it was this that led me to put the tea on the back burner for awhile. While there was no astringency, it also didn't have as strong fruity notes as some of my other teas from the area had.

Fast forward one year and I recently revisited this tea. I can say without a doubt the change is very pronounced. It has become fruity and strong. Very viscous with a great mouthfeel. Nice huigan.

My only regret is that I did not buy more of this tea when it came out. Lately it has become my go-to cake, and as such, it is looking pretty thin. Will probably pick up a tong of this before they run out.

-DP (Posted on 4/6/13)

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