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Ge Deng 2015 Spring

Ge Deng is a pu'er tea region neighboring Mangzhi, Yibang, and ManZhuan, in Xiangming county. Ge Deng was one of the six famous tea mountains of antiquity 江北六大茶山 and was a tribute tea during the reign of the Kangxi emperor. Today Ge Deng is highly prized for it's ancient tea trees, but it’s annual output is tiny. Ge Deng leaves are relatively black and shiny, both small leaf varietal and large leaf varietal are grown here. Ge Deng tea is more known for its sweetness and huigan, than bitterness and astringency. Our 2015 Spring Ge Deng has a subtle orchid aroma, with mown hay and brown sugar. The tea liquor is medium thick, very clean and sweet, you can taste the 花香 in the water. There is some mid-palate bitterness, with notes of sunflower seeds, followed by wood spice and grain-husk on the finish. Then comes a light minty huigan. A very nice tea.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Ge Deng 2015 Spring

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yumm this is all peaches and vanilla and green tea!

Review by Phi (from Steepster)
Dry the leaf has a very sweet floral aroma, but as soon as you warm it up you know you’re smelling a relative of Manzhuan. That rich vanilla depth. But here it is paired with some subtle floral notes and something akin to nectarine or apricot skin that becomes more pronounced as the infusions go on. A stellar tea if you are a fan of Tea Urchins 2014 Manzhuan or W2T’s 2015 Poundcake. This is their more complex sister.

I’ve only brewed this one up once (and only have enough for one or two more sessions) but to me this seemed a little less tricky to get right than those two. I only had to minorly adjust my default brewing method on the second steep to bring out the complexity of this pot. I’d say this is something someone new to puerh could enjoy as well as people who are more seasoned. It’s not mind blowingly complex, but it is complex enough to make you take notice. It’s comforting but challenges you to taste a little more closely. It’s fresh but familiar all at once. Over all this is a good tea that I think could be enjoyed by many. It’s a blunter version of GFZ but I think could be loved by someone who wants GFZ but doesn’t want to pay more than twice as much for the cake.

I don’t know if this screams special occasion… but it definitely screams I am wearing my fancy PJ pants and want to treat myself to something extraordinary. It’s something you could serve to guests who love green or white teas… and you want to bring them to the puerh dark side.

Another high quality tea from Belle and Eugene.

Sorry for the utility tasting notes. I don’t think one tasting is enough to truly describe this tea, but I’m hoping that this is enough to guide people who will enjoy this tea to sample it and improve upon my tasting note.

In short: yumm this is all peaches and vanilla and green tea!

Flavors: Apricot, Orchid, Vanilla (Posted on 10/7/15)

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