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Mang Zhi 2011 Autumn

Hand picked from ancient tea trees in Mang Zhi's Imperial Tea Garden and Red Soil Hill, hand processed into maocha by Master Yang, stone pressed in Yiwu, and wrapped in paper hand made by the Dai tribe. Only 84 cakes produced.

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Steeping Instructions:
Use 8g of tea in 100ml brewing vessel. As this is Autumn tea, adjust your steep times to be a bit longer than usual. This tea can be re-infused 10 times.

Mang Zhi 2011 Autumn

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Customer Reviews

Lovely evening tea

Review by TE
I find this tea to have a very mellow taste profile. It is a perfect evening tea to accompany a light dinnner with soup and salad. Very little, if any, astringency. So for those who try to avoid astringency, this is a good choice. It lacks the sweetness of Spring harvest teas, and is reminiscent of a cool autumn evening, after a hot day. A reminder that Winter is coming, and the comforts of being warm inside during the cold season.

Definitely buttery, as others have mentioned. I had trouble detecting the sweet in the first steep, but it began to reveal itself subtly in subsequent steeps. (Posted on 6/22/16)

A delicate and reflective tea to enjoy

Review by DigniTea (from Steepster)
This cake is made from high quality leaves and the tea is very easy to drink (i.e. little to no bitterness or astringency). The leaves are whole and quite large. As the tea brews the aroma is buttery and sweet with a bit of hay thrown in. The tea liquor is very clear and is a lovely pale yellow-orange color. The flavor of the sip is also buttery and sweet with a warming freshness and a pleasant mouthfeel. This is a delicate and reflective tea to enjoy. I went through six very pleasant steeps today and will likely try it again tomorrow or the next day to see just how far I can take it. Some may find this tea a bit boring since it does not “knock your socks off” but I find it rather comforting. (Posted on 8/3/15)

Great tea - persistent and enduring

Review by Artem A.
I just tasted this Mang Zhi 2011 Autumn. It is great! Especially for its current price! And as for me it is also very persistent, enduring... This tea surprised me. (Posted on 7/6/14)

Best Value Autumn cake

Review by DP
Like a lot of Autumn cakes the soup of the MangZhi is slightly thinner than its Spring version. However, that is where similarities to other fall cakes end. The soup still pours a golden liquor that stays bright over the session, unlike other fall cakes that are already turning red/orange despite being only a year yooung. There is a light, crispness and vegetal flavor that calls to mind a spring green tea. Pushing the steeps results in a more viscous brew with a slight bite and bitterness that should serve the cake well for aging purposes. Later infusions bring out the sweetness and for a long time afterwards I am left with a honeyed note that hangs in the throat.

As always with Tea Urchin teas, good leaves are used for production. The price has allowed me to buy a quantity of the MangZhi and this is my go to cake when gifting tea to close friends and family. Though I prefer a stronger, more bitter cake, I find that this tea is pleasant for those new to pu'er, but can be brewed with a heavy hand to bring out the more assertive qualities that I like in my pu. (Posted on 10/21/12)

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