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About Us

Tea Urchin was founded in 2011 by Eugene Chew & Belle Sun, a husband and wife team who live in Shanghai, China.

Why Tea Urchin?

Eugene & Belle launched Tea Urchin to share their love of Chinese tea with the world. Eugene is an Australian who moved to Shanghai in 2004, where he discovered gongfu cha & became obsessed with puer. There he met & married Belle, a Government accredited expert in tea grading & tea ceremony. Together, we travel around China & Taiwan, searching for great tea, made by small workshops or individual farmers, and help them reach an international market. We go the extra mile to produce our own pu'er tea, called “Cha Ren” (茶仁 which means “tea compassion”). We personally travel to Yunnan to source traditional, hand crafted pu'er teas from remote mountain villages. In recent years, we've expanded our travels to include the highest quality Wuyi yancha and Taiwan oolong. We work with the same trusted tea-makers each year, so you can compare different harvests and do a vertical tasting. You can meet our producers & follow our tea adventures on our Tea Urchin blog and Facebook page. We hope what makes us different is our honesty, integrity, and commitment to giving you the best tea experience possible. We show you where our tea came from, who made it, and how it was made. We hope with this deeper understanding of each tea's story, you will find more enjoyment in each cup, and feel more connected to the people who made it.

From China with love,

Eugene & Belle

2011 Tea Urchin Limited

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