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Yiwu Charity Cake 2016 Spring

This 357g cake's "tasseography" wrapper is an original lino-cut hand-printed on hand-made paper by the New York artist Elaine Su-hui Chew. The tea comes from a village called Guo Jia Shan (过甲山). We were shocked there's still such a poor village in Yiwu area, many of the kids are barefeet and lacking clothes. They don't have any ancient tea trees, only 30 year old trees which were planted by the Government to help them out of poverty. These tea trees have been left to grow naturally, and are tall & unkempt. The tea is young & fresh, with notes of bright rock sugar, barley, fresh grass, tobacco smoke. It doesn't have great endurance, but is very clean & pure tasting. Any order including this cake, will receive free shipping (we will refund you $15 after we ship & invoice).

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7.5g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. With shorter steep times, this tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Yiwu Charity Cake 2016 Spring

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Buy together with our 2016 Peacock cake for an interesting pairing of Yiwu single-origin versus Yiwu regional blend!

Customer Reviews

Pretty light, alright tea

Review by S.G. Sanders (from Steepster)
Honestly, the one thing I enjoyed about this tea the most (for a younger leaf) is the fact that it wasn’t heavy in astringency/bitterness. Rather, it was pretty light, considering the age of the material. There were slight floral/straw/fruity notes throughout the session, but they didn’t stand out that much—I started to increase the time/temp to pick out some of the notes. Overall, it was an alright tea, but I prefer something with a bit more age and/or complexity. (Posted on 1/2/19)

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