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Xi Kong 2014 Spring

This is our favorite cake from our 2014 Spring production. The gaiwan lid gives off dandelion and wildflowers, with traces of cocoa and tobacco. It tastes delicious too, with sweet nectar in the soup, and a few drops of melted butter. Mouthfeel is thick and viscous, silky smooth. A spot of huigan dots the top back of throat. Sublime stuff. We highly recommend this one!

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Xi Kong 2014 Spring

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For a vertical tasting, buy together with our 2012 Autumn Xi Kong, and our 2011 Autumn Xi Kong

Customer Reviews

good tea, but the qi was lacking

Review by Haveteawilltravel (from Steepster)
A very nice loosely threaded puerh. The leaves give off slight scents of floral with soft wood. It as approachable sweet and tangy note. I warmed up my gaiwan and slipped some inside. The scent opens into aromatic sweet herb with sugarcane. I can pick up some white grape jelly and blueberry in the background. An intoxicating scent rises from the lid. I washed the leaves once and prepared for brewing. The taste begins sweet and smooth with a mild astringency at the back. A prominent apricot tone lifts off the tongue, and a candied fruit stays at the back of the throat. The feeling is thick and silky as it eases my throat. A darker woody tone appeared after a few more additional steepings. The hardy wood balanced the flowery fruits. The brew creates a lasting flavor. A stark pear tone appears in final steeping along with some cooling sugarcane. This was a good tea, but the qi was lacking. I enjoyed the flavors and tones, but it seems like something is missing from this soup. I’m not quite sure, but it doesn’t seem complete.

Flavors: Apricot, Astringent, Candy, Dark Wood, Floral, Flowers, Pear, Sugarcane, Sweet, White Grapes, Wood (Posted on 1/14/17)

I like it very much

Review by ntpssr (from Steepster)
Its flavour seems lighter than some Yiwu cakes from other vendors at the same age. A dry fruit/honey aroma, sweetness and tartness are not so intense; however, they are gentle, delicate, and linger in my throat/tongue for an hour. Like the previous review, I can also feel a nice white wild flower at the begining time of the sip. The tea soup has almost no bitterness, astringency and smoky tobacco smell, impressingly, even with extended brewing time. In addition, most of raw pu-erh tea taste become worse if we (unintentionally) drink it at room temperature but Xi Kong remains more delicious for me. This tea is pleasing and I like it very much. (Posted on 5/1/16)

King kong

Review by Howard
My choice of tea, sublime, deep, and persistent. Haunting in flavor. This year is all about ripe juicy tea for the first time in awhile. Bravo, Eugene, Belle, and Xi Kong (Posted on 3/20/15)

2014's standout tea...

Review by DP
I love this cake, so much that I ponied up and bought more than one. Agree with above reviews. The high notes are particularly pleasant. The Hua Mi Xiang is in abundance in this cake. Normally, I go for teas from other villages, but this year's XiKong has been the clear winner in the comparisons I have done. Love this tea.-DP (Posted on 9/10/14)

2014 vs 2012 tasting notes

Review by Eugene
I just did a comparison tasting of our 2014 Spring Xikong side by side with Mr. Gao’s 2012 Spring Xikong (Tasseography wrapper)

This years Xikong has a higher fragrance, with a sweet floral aroma that penetrates the soup. The taste is bingtang sweet, with hay & wildflower

Mr. Gao's Xikong already shows age, with a thick soup, elegant dry taste, notes of roasted grain, brown sugar, dried plum (ximei), old wood, tannin, malt

Using music as a metaphor, Mr. Gao's cake tends to the bass & mid-range, whilst our 2014 Xikong has more treble

All in all, I highly recommend this year's Xikong, I think it's our best cake from 2014 (Posted on 7/27/14)

Another excellent Sheng from Eugene and Belle.

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
The soup is a beautiful golden hue. The smell of the soup is a really pleasing floral smell that reminded me of wildflowers. The taste is incredible, simply incredible. This Sheng has an unbelievable taste of grass mixed with butter. Like the Wan Gong 2014 Spring that I drank last night, this is one extremely smooth Sheng. Absolutely no hint of kuwei or astringency at all. Again, way to go Eugene and Belle! (Posted on 7/27/14)

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