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Yi Zhan Chun 2012

"一盏醇" literally means "a cup of rich, smooth & mellow tea" and this premium shu pu does not disappoint. Made by the up and coming Jin Qiao factory, who specialize in high quality Lincang cakes, "Yi Zhan Chun" is comprised of tippy 2008 maocha from large Mengku trees growing at 1,800m elevation. It's rare to find gushu material being used in ripe puer production, and this cake is particularly beautiful, not to mention rich & smooth. The additional 4 years of aging adds the mellowness. A classy act all round.
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Steeping Instructions:
Use 8g of leaves in a 100ml teapot or gaiwan, add 100C boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused 10+ times.

Yi Zhan Chun 2012

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Customer Reviews

Very balanced & clean

Review by jamin (from Steepster)
Definitely “rich, smooth and mellow”. Super duper clean. Very balanced. No fishy, musty or camphor which are all things I avoid in a ripe. Unlike another reviewer I did not find this tea to be too strong and also didn’t notice any coffee flavors. This tea has all the flavors I like in a ripe like dark fruits, chocolate, warmer woods, sweetness etc but none of these flavors stands out particularly stronger than others and the tea doesn’t demand too much attention in order to enjoy. These qualities, along with the $.15/gram price and the obvious high quality and cleanliness, make this tea a perfect daily drinker for my particular taste buds. (Posted on 1/2/19)

the quality had me coming back

Review by Liquid Proust (from Steepster)
This tea is quite smooth! My best friend really enjoyed drinking steep after steep of this, but I found it to be a bit robust for my taste buds. She drinks coffee and I do not so part of me thinks it was just a little to deep and dark of a taste for me; however, I drank quite a bit of this so despite my flavor preference the quality had me coming back. (Posted on 9/5/15)

A quality tea all around

Review by Rich (from Steepster)
I have to agree with Tea Urchin’s description of this tea. It is quite nice, smooth with a touch of bitterness, a little coffee type flavor. Clean and medium bodied. And it’s gushu (wild trees), so that’s a plus! A quality tea all around. This and the Lang He Yu Pin are great ripe cakes from TU, I’ve tried the other two they currently have and they are not terribly interesting. (Posted on 9/5/15)

Excellent ripe tea

Review by Howard
Deep complex ripe gushu , great value with complex flavors arriving with age (Posted on 4/19/15)

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