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Bulang Maocha Tasting Set

Fresh from the tea gardens of Bulangshan! Sample 5 first flush, single origin, gushu pu'er teas from this year's Spring harvest! Includes tea from He Kai, Ban Pen, Lao Ban Zhang, Xin Ban Zhang, and Lao Man E. A unique opportunity to taste the best of Bulangshan, all for the price of a cake! Each tea is also available separately, whilst stocks last, but the full set offers a saving of $25.
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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Bulang Maocha Tasting Set

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Photos from our 2015 maocha sourcing trip through Bulangshan:

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Customer Reviews

Freaking unbelievable!

Review by obritten (from Steepster)
I have to agree with LP on many facets of this tea. The entire session is SMOOTH, almost silky! I waited 3 months for this tea to arrive(God I hate China Post) and now can confirm that it was worth it. The aroma of the dry leaves is so intense and sweet. Truly unlike most puerh on the market. I love how Tea Urchin kept this in maocha form as you can really appreciate the beauty of the full, thick leaves. The first couple steeps are quite light but already show a fantastic huigan and oilyness. Not to mention an unsurprisingly strong sweetness. The bitterness shows up in the middle steeps(definitely not overpowering) but fades quickly. It adds more to the texture and mouthfeel than anything else. I am really starting to notice that grape skin texture that LP mentioned. Moving on to my favorite part of this tea: the Qi! Holy shiiit this tea is STRONG. By steep #2 I was heating up. I can feel this heaviness in my chest. I’m on steep # 4 right now and am most definitely gettin tea wasted. It’s more of a motivating energy for me as oppose to the relaxing, stoned feeling from the 05 Naka. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and seriously guys if you have the funds go buy a sample! Yes it’s expensive but having access to a tea of this quality from the mystical Lao Ban Zhang is a rarity to so the least.

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, White Grapes
(Posted on 2/20/17)

2015 Lao ban zhang

Review by Liquid Proust (from Steepster)
I could easily sum this up as: Worth the price. However, that would be prior to shipping and what not. A 5g session, which is what I had, runs $8’ish and I firmly believe that what it provided was well worth that tag; speaking in which 5g brews out 20+ steeps while a glass of wine doesn’t refill itself.

The first three steeps were not bitter, but it was easy to tell that the leaf had a little unfurling to do before the smoothness of the session began; but I will make the comment that the lip smacking sweetness is gone by steep four as it begins to mellow out. Once I got this leaf down to where it brewed out something similar on each brew, I began to notice how gentle each sip was in the way that you describe the higher end rice used for sushi versus everyday rice; if you know what I mean, imagine the difference of ramen noodles versus handmade noodles (good ones).

It wasn’t long until I started to taste a combination of squash and a dry sweetness like grape/apple skin. While dry ended teas are not my thing, the flavor of this one made it acceptable in the way that a great yancha also does. It’s hard to say if the look of the leaf or the taste is more appealing as the leaf is just beautiful.

Going into the later steeps it mellows out and provides a thinner soup base texture; this may be due to the drying of my mouth and wetness making contact, or a possible increase in viscosity as it brews. I found myself playing with some steeping time as it went on to see how 45 seconds would do and it didn’t bring out any bitter notes which was awesome; but if it is brewed longer there comes a tart like sweetness at the end of each sip rather than a minor grape/apple skin taste. (Posted on 9/11/16)

Very well balanced

Review by Olivier
One of the best packaging I ever seen for puerh: very beautiful. The ban pen maocha is very well balanced between sweet and smokey (Posted on 8/5/15)

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