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Xi Kong 2012 Autumn

This Autumn's Xikong is so good we decided to press 200g mini-cakes so more people can experience it. The tea has length, depth and complexity, with a tantalizing sweet aftertaste that fills the mouth & throat. Simply delicious to drink now, it also has great potential for aging.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use an iron kettle to boil your mineral water, it will accentuate the huigan. This tea can be re-infused more than 10 times.

Xi Kong 2012 Autumn

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The wrapper design was inspired by a story told to me by Zhi Zheng's tea firer Da San. When he was a kid, he would sneak into the Menghai tea factory with his friends and roll cigarettes out of old puerh leaves & newspaper.

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Customer Reviews

Spring tea for the strength and Autumn for the aroma

Review by mrmopar (from Steepster)
Breaking this out as the "Chairman’ has picked and ordered for destiny in my cup. This tea is loosely compressed out of the sample bag. A nice hay and clover aroma to it. I got out 10 grams for the Yixing to start with. Dry leaf very nice looking. gave it a 5 second wash to open it up. Wet lea has a nice floral aroma to it. Brew is a light yellow color. I did 2 quick steeps for the cup. It is a “mixed” bag. Some sweet some bitter but not overpowering in either category. It is more of a “soft” tea with a little tongue buzz but not punchy like a spring tea. I would guess this would be a very nice “starter” sheng to bring someone into puerh. As mentioned in earlier notes I think a Spring version would have a bit more strength and punch to it. A nice really easy drinking Sheng with none of the notes of a Spring tea. Aroma on this is really good and I quote another “Spring tea for the strength and Autumn for the aroma”.
A nice easy to drink Sheng that shouldn’t keep me awake too long after drinking. Relaxing and very mild one to have. Slight honey aftertaste.

Flavors: Bitter, Hay, Honey, Sweet (Posted on 8/3/15)

OK for work or on the go

Review by JC (from Steepster)
Dry – Fairly sweet and aromatic for a autumn cake, some floral notes.
Wet – Thick Honey and a more apparent floral scent.
Liquor – Mid amber color.

I got this tea as a sample from my order from TeaUrchin.

This tea started as a fairly surprising pleasure since it started with a very pleasant honeyed sweetness and some thickness although it was very limited compared to Spring offerings I’ve had. The broth had a fairly good hold and the Huigan lingered in the tongue for a while.

After the third steep the broth started going very thin and astringency started to become more apparent. The overall experience was OK, if you want a Puerh for work or to drink on the go this is a good choice, otherwise I’d recommend keeping with Spring offerings to fully enjoy the mouth-feel and apparent deep honey notes that Xi Kong can offer.

Flavors: Flowers, Honey (Posted on 8/3/15)

Safe to drink now

Review by Rich (from Steepster)
I have to admit, I bought this one because me and my wife just loved the wrapper. Very cute. But it is an autumn pu erh, and it shows. It has a pleasant enough flavor, but it just lacks zip and zing. It is very safe to drink now while young, with very little astringency, well balanced and mellow. I still stand by my statement that Tea Urchin teas are outstanding, this one is definitely pretty good. (Posted on 8/3/15)

Nice Autumn tea

Review by Lionel F.
The 2012 autumn Xi Kong is nice as well but very different. I only tried another autumn pu erh before that one, actually (The Yi Bang 2011 autumn you sell). They both have globally the same characteristics : a wonderful aroma but which fades quicker than in spring tea, and the tea also supports less infusions than spring one. After 4 or 5 infusions I usually change my tea. So it's nice when I just have a short moment to drink tea, or when I'm in the mood for autumn aroma :) (Posted on 6/1/14)

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