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Mang Fei 2011 Spring

Mang Fei 忙肺 is a tea growing region north west of Yongde town in Lincang prefecture. Mang Fei's tea trees were all cropped to the ground in recent decades, and are now waist high bushes growing from 100-200 year old stumps, at 1,500m elevation. This generously sized 400g cake was produced by the Mengdai factory, who have been making puer since 1996 and have a reputation for good quality. From the first pour, a sensuous honey & floral aroma floods the nasal cavity. The mouthfeel is extremely smooth & pure, with a light taste of melon & nectar, and finishes with a pleasing huigan.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. Use shorter steep times to avoid astringency. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Mang Fei 2011 Spring

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Mang Fei

Review by mrmopar (Steepster)
I am brewing this up after a couple of days to read it a bit better.
I started anew on this one as it is time for a formal note.
I got 10 grams to start this one out with. I gave a quick rinse and let it sit a while. The wet leaf aroma was wet hay with a sweet note to it.
I did 3 quick steeps to start with. The color is a nice gold hue.
The cup carries the typical Mang Fei bite but it is much subdued from there. The bitter fades quickly in this one. It is brash but not overpowering. The liquor is thick on the palate.
I get the sweetness as described and the Huigan is nice.
This is full thick and bitter early that quickly becomes a sweeter tea with a nice lingering aftertaste . I would call this the Gentleman’s Mang Fei.
Gong Fu and just under boiling to brew.

Flavors: Sweet, Bitter, Hay, Freshly Cut Grass (Posted on 10/1/15)

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