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Bing Dao 2011 Spring

This batch of 200g Bingdao 冰岛 puerh cakes was produced by "The Legend of Puer" 云尚普洱 in Spring 2011. The tea has a sweet honeysuckle aroma, heavenly mouthfeel, and that famous Bingdao cooling effect, with an immediate huigan. These cakes were hand processed & stone pressed at the Bingdao Tea Refining Factory in Mengku town. You may also like Legend of Puer's 2011 Spring Da Xue Shan.
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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Bing Dao 2011 Spring

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Silky clothes are dancing with my palate and head

Review by Freddy
Well, cooling effect and huigan is rather minor according to my tasting, even when the soup is brewed the strong way. Strong means:
Grandpa style: 25g tea a pot of 1 l with 2-3 infusions
Gongfu style: 10g tea a pot of 200-350 ml by using gongfu style with 5-10 infusions in usual (even more in term tea is outstanding quality).

So, under those conditions soup remains very mellow and smooth but at the same time with very balanced sweetness, bitterness and mainly flowery nuances. The sweetness is not the usual kind, instead it is a mellow berry-like sweetness trying to hide itself the feminine way but its always apparent such as clothes made with silk. The tea is without any astringency and I think the trees are pretty old, prehaps 200+ years, i cant say, but definitely not a typical young plantation tree.

In general, its a very yin based tea with a typical silk-cloth-sweetness, such as any of the "The Legend of Puer" brand I tasted so far. The tea is subtle on the body, so there is no need for aging.

When it comes to the aromatic capabilities I would say that tea is below average, but of course its in comparison with high quality Pu Erh, not "no name". The thing that made me truly fall in love is the exceptional Cha-qi. A spec many customers may not be certain if true or not... it will need a good body feeling and is not always open to a inexperienced tea drinker.

In order to test the Qi capability the hard way I was drinking that tea when I had a headache. Not that uncommon because i am sensitive to headache... its my bodys weak spot since I was a child. Around 6 hour after my headache was completly gone... thats almost impossible unless there was something outstanding affecting my body and/or spirit and I never use any medication unless at emergency. But thanks to great food and tea... I never had a emergency the past 20+ years. The thing that I can say for sure, that tea was able to make my headache go away in no more than 6 hours, so it got a strong saying to me regarding its purity and prehaps the "Cha-qi".

So in overall... a tea with rather limited aromatic quality but it is for sure a very pure and healthy tea. My nose and tongue could easely fool me, but never the critical sensivity of my brain during headache. So I would give that tea a great rating for its "inner qualitys".
(Posted on 10/3/14)

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