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Bao Tang 2013 Spring

One of our hidden gems. Made from low yielding ancient trees, growing in forest at 1,820-1,870m. A blissful aroma of brown sugar and toffee wafts from the emptied cup, matched with a bright, clear liquor, deliciously sweet on the palate, and a long finish accentuated by huigan. We highly recommend this!
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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 6g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Bao Tang 2013 Spring

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Baotang is a Lahu village in Mengsong township, Menghai, and is connected to Huazhuliangzi Mountain which is the highest peak in Xishuangbanna at 2,429m

Customer Reviews

Smooth and balanced

Review by Alexander (from Steepster)
Smooth and balanced spicyness with a fresh-bitter aftertaste. Light Qi.
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Flavors: Bitter, Smooth, Spicy, Sweet (Posted on 1/6/18)

Like a good symphony

Review by Dr. Jim (from Steepster)
I’ve had this several times. First session it was fairly sweet and reminded me of pecan pie, but without the pecans. Quite similar to the TU description of brown sugar. Next session was a bit more astringent and woody, with some fruit and spice: also quite enjoyable.

Both sessions had a big rich flavor with tons of cha qi and a big, long finish.

Another sipdown. This tea is a bit of a chameleon.

The first steep had sweet straw and tropical fruit (or apricot?) dominate the nose and the taste. Very pleasant. Good long finish. After a few sips I notice a darker element lurking underneath. Medium-light body; no bitterness. Good cha qi. 2nd steep: The taste is now more woody, with less fruit or sweetness and a moderate bitterness ppears, especially in the finish. The fruit and straw are still there; they just have to share the stage. I’m really starting to feel teh effects of the cha qi. 3rd steep has a strong new flavor I just can’t describe. I want to say vegetable, but it’s like no vegetable I’ve ever had. 4th steep: Really good, but i’m getting tea drunk.

Every steep of this tea was different from the last in some way, yet with recurring themes. Like a good symphony. very complex and interesting. I rated this an 89 before but am bumping my rating up a notch because I am really enjoying the tea. Wish I had more. (Posted on 1/14/17)

Not something that I really enjoyed..

Review by kieblera (from Steepster)
The rinse tasted like if you roasted baked beans over a campfire and could bottle that up in a taste-able form.. But then the steeps were super bitter to me at 195F. After a few steeps, nothing really changed, so I went to 175 and it was mellow and a little sweet. Too finicky for my tastes. (Posted on 1/14/17)

Great value

Review by Jiāng Luo (from Steepster)
Light, no bitterness or astringency what so ever, grassy/sweet hay, slight “grass fed” butter flavor and hint of waffles in the aromatics , lasting flavor and feeling on the outer sides of the tongue.

A great value if lighter grassier teas are your thing not a favorite of mine personally but definitely indicative of older tress from a spring flushing.

Flavors: Brown Toast, Butter, Hay, Sweet, warm grass (Posted on 1/14/17)

This is VERY good!

Review by Stephanie (from Steepster)
It has a creamy mouthfeel, and floral vibe which I always appreciate in a sheng, and is a little sweet but with a slight toasty or burnt sugar note I don’t normally get from sheng. If I ever win the lottery I’m going on a TeaUrchin bender…so many fine puerhs!!! (Posted on 1/14/17)


Review by Haveteawilltravel (from Steepster)
This was very yummy! The leaf is of moderate compression and is filled with soft fruity tones and some tang. A light floral (mums?) can picked off from the leaves along with brown sugar and molasses. I warmed up my gaiwan and stuffed this inside. The aroma picked up into crystalized sugar, wet oak, more molasses, and apricot. I washed the leaves and swished them around to prepare for brewing. The taste began an oil thickness. The drink is heavy, syrupy, and tasty. The flavor is 100% sweet with wildflower honey. The cup even smells like honey. However, a few steeping in, a light grass astringency blends with the desert qualities. The brew continues like this for some time. Later brewing yields some heavier floral notes (dandelion?). I really liked this. The qi is nice and warming and a constant buzz effect. The brew is nice, but it lacks some complexities. It’s a very yummy tea, but it’s not interesting.

Flavors: Apricot, Dandelion, Floral, Grass, Honey, Oak wood, Powdered sugar, Smooth, Sugar, Sugarcane, Winter Honey (Posted on 1/14/17)

Lovely tea!

Review by tenoh27
Flavour and aroma as described, also slightly malty and caramel-ish (to me). Huigan is present, tinged with a smidgen of dryness.

As mentioned by other reviewers, flavour does tend to thin off after the 6-7 steeps.

All in all, a tea I have greatly enjoyed and am considering getting more of. (Posted on 11/25/15)

Intriging Initial Steeps Taper Off Quick

Review by bellmont
I found initial flavors quite pleasing, similar to what other folks have commented on hay and toffee. No somatic feeling during or after whatsoever. Later steepings are just a bit too mellow for me to appreciate; the overall experience has a tendency to tapper off about 6th-7th steeping…sweetness is still there but steadily becomes not as pronounced -to be expected on teas of lower quality. (Posted on 9/1/15)

I like this tea!

Review by DigniTea (from Steepster)
I believe this is my first experience with a Baotang tea. The quality of the material used in this cake is excellent. Baotang is a village in Mengsong township, Menghai. Apparently, in Baotang the trees are large & ancient, growing in biodiverse, organic gardens. Beautiful leaves produce a bright and clear gold tea soup with a crisp vegetal aroma and taste. Pleasant but not impressive at this point. Very soon the leaves open up and begin to produce a much more interesting cup of tea – increasingly thick in the mouth with a nice bitterness that turns into a pleasant lingering sweetness. Moving through five quick steepings, the cups become increasingly mellow and smooth. I was left with a lingering mouthfeel and a good mellow feeling. I like this tea!

Update: Seems to be enjoyable for 6 steepings and after that it fades. (Posted on 8/3/15)

Brown Toast, Butter, Hay, Sweet, warm grass

Review by Jiāng Luo (from Steepster)
Light, no bitterness or astringency what so ever, grassy/sweet hay, slight “grass fed” butter flavor and hint of waffles in the aromatics , lasting flavor and feeling on the outer sides of the tongue.

Great value, if lighter grassier teas are your thing. Not a favorite of mine personally but definitely indicative of older tress from a spring flushing.

Flavors: Brown Toast, Butter, Hay, Sweet, warm grass (Posted on 8/3/15)

An outstanding bargain

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
Another truly amazing tea from Eugene and Belle (I sense a theme here). They say that this tea is “One of our hidden gems”, and folks it really is. The color of the liquor is a beautiful gold and it smells like hay mixed with a bit of butter and hint of brown sugar. The tea itself is very smooth with lots of great huigan and absolutely no kuwei or astringency. The taste of the tea is that of grass with light undertones of butter, nuttiness, and brown sugar. As with all Tea Urchin teas the energy of this tea is unbelievable. Almost forty minutes after my steeping session my taste buds are still excited and I can actually still taste the tea!!! Well done Eugene and Belle, and at $58 for 357g this tea is an outstanding bargain. (Posted on 11/8/14)


Review by Alex
This tea was a pleasant surprise and great quality for the price. This review captures my opinions after Gongfu method of brewing. The first steeping's brought on a crisp mineral tingle on the edge of the tongue with a definite huigan from the start, excellent quality leaf. No bitterness at all (almost oolong in nature). The aroma of the wet leaf gave a waft of corn/rice crispiness that I love. The throat is coated with tea oil from the first sip, medium to thick viscosity. Steep three really opened up the leaves and the aroma was rich and thick, viscosity thicker, huigan perfect. The now opened leaves were vibrant and high quality.
Steeps seven onwards were similar in character to a top Taiwanese oolong with that nutty, thick crunch of Sheng. This tea is definitely not to be overlooked. I purchased this out of curiosity and I have no regrets. Thank you Eugene and Belle. (Posted on 6/21/14)

Pleasant tea

Review by JN
Light in flavor & aroma. A sweetness in the mouth is subtle with some ku and tingling on tongue. Huigan is noticeable with some dryness. Pleasant tea. (Posted on 10/24/13)

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