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Roaring Tiger Rougui

Our 2015 Rougui 肉桂 is grown at Hu Xiao Yan 虎啸岩 or "Roaring Tiger Cliff" - a famous tea garden within the Wuyi protected reserve. Traditionally roasted to a medium high level. Pre-warm your gaiwan and the dry leaves will release a cocoa aroma with sweet brown sugar, charcoal roasted chestnut and a lychee topnote. This tea is full bodied, and active, leaving a long lasting impression in the mouth. Subtle aroma from the soup, but what's left in the empty cup is nougat naixiang. Toasted grains at back of tongue, relatively dry, has a lot of tannin, followed by a sweet refrain. Experienced tea drinkers who don't like vulgar, high aroma, and seek yanyun / cliff spirit will love this tea. Minerally rich, smooth overall mouthfeel and physiological chaqi. Things that are harder to put your finger on but can be felt in degrees.

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Steeping Instructions:
Use 7.5g of leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel, add boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Roaring Tiger Rougui

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