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Wild Wenshan Rougui Baozhong 2015

野放文山肉桂包種: This wild baozhong from the Wenshan region of Taiwan, was made in Spring of 2015, from rougui varietal tea bushes, brought over from mainland China 100 years ago. The bushes have been allowed to grow "wild" in the sense of no fertilizer, no pesticides, and no pruning. The tea is rich and buttery, with complex floral flavors, nectar-like sweetness, sticky rice aroma, and lots of energy on the tongue.

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Steeping Instructions:
This tea can be infused up to 10 times. We recommend letting the boiling water cool to 90 degrees celsius before steeping.

Wild Wenshan Rougui Baozhong 2015

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See photos from our recent trip to Wenshan, Taiwan, where this tea was made:

Making similar Baozhong tea in Pinglin, Wenshan district, Taiwan

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