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Lishan Tie Guan Yin 2007

This Lishan Tie Guan Yin (梨山鐵觀音) has pungent aromas of ripe fruits & sandalwood that hits the back of the nose. Produced at Lishan Diao Qiao Tou tea farm (梨山吊桥头茶区) in 2007 winter, it is slightly insect-bitten, and yields an orange liquor that tastes of roasted almond, dried lychee and citrus fruits. Withered for a longer time than usual, then roasted according to the Min Nan style (閩南風格), using lower temperature and multiple roasts, this tea was roasted 9 times over charcoal. Relative to other Taiwan oolongs, it is heavily oxidized and heavily roasted. The tight dark balls make a satisfying iron "ping" noise when dropped.
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Out of Stock
Steeping Instructions:
For best results, pre-warm the teapot / gaiwan with boiling water. Use 7g of tea for 100ml of water. Steep for 30 seconds. This tea can be re-infused up to 8 times.

Lishan Tie Guan Yin 2007

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Review by Richard
Very clean and fresh-tasting. Smooth with a very good mouthfeel. This is not a flashy tea but one that merely delivers a consistent, perfectly-mannered experience steep after steep. (Posted on 5/31/14)

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