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Famous Fu Shou Shan Farm 2016 winter

Fu Shou Shan is a highly sought after variety of high mountain Taiwanese oolong, grown at 2,600m elevation at a Government owned farm in the Lishan mountain range. Fu Shou Shan is known for being highly variable, with different harvest days producing different tastes & quality. Tea geeks in Taiwan compare Fu Shou Shan to rolling a dice! Our 2015 Spring selection was processed by a single tea maker and is a stand out example of what can be achieved with this terroir. When placed in a hot gaiwan, the dried leaves release a strong floral aroma with molasses and ripe fruits. Add water, and you get deep fried vegetables & crème brûlée from the leaves, with a candy sweet top note from the gaiwan lid. The tea itself is smooth, creamy and pleasantly sweet, with roasted notes coming through on the 2nd and 3rd infusions. We only have a tiny quantity of this excellent tea, get in quick before it runs out.

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Steeping Instructions:
For best results, pre-warm the teapot / gaiwan. Use 7.5g of tea for 100ml of water. We suggest using water that is off the boil eg. 85°C. Steep for 30 seconds. This tea can be re-infused up to 8 times.

Famous Fu Shou Shan Farm 2016 winter

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