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1990's Wenshan Baozhong

Aged Taiwan oolong that's been gently re-roasted to awaken it's flavor & aroma - and what a delight it is! Arresting bouquet of fragrant plum wine & dried seaweed, aged wood, and dark chocolate. Tea flavor reminiscent of citrus peel & cloves. There's a lot of tea here for the money, and after 20 years in storage, no funky aroma or sourness, just clean, warming goodness.

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Steeping Instructions:
For best results, pre-warm the teapot / gaiwan with boiling water. Use 8g of tea for 200ml of water. Steep for up to 1 minute, depending on your taste. This tea can be re-infused up to 5 times.

1990's Wenshan Baozhong

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