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1990's Wenshan Baozhong

Aged Taiwan oolong that's been gently re-roasted to awaken it's flavor & aroma - and what a delight it is! Arresting bouquet of fragrant plum wine & dried seaweed, aged wood, and dark chocolate. Tea flavor reminiscent of citrus peel & cloves. There's a lot of tea here for the money, and after 20 years in storage, no funky aroma or sourness, just clean, warming goodness.

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Steeping Instructions:
For best results, pre-warm the teapot / gaiwan with boiling water. Use 8g of tea for 200ml of water. Steep for up to 1 minute, depending on your taste. This tea can be re-infused up to 5 times.

1990's Wenshan Baozhong

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Ancient Alchemy

Review by KarlMaldensNose
This is a wild ride. Years and microbes have transformed this tea into something other than Baozhong. I’m not sure if it’s technically been fermented but it sure tastes like it has. Even though the description says no funk or sourness from aging, I respectfully disagree. I get *slight* funk and sourness, like a very mild shou, and it’s all good. This gives the tea a medicinal aspect, which, when experienced as a whole along with the other notes of prune, citrus, aged wood and dark chocolate (as Eugene notes), is pure alchemy magic. I haven’t tried too many aged oolongs, but this one strikes me as unique. Great value. (Posted on 1/16/20)

Super smooth!

Review by Alvis
I've been lazy lately; using a 400ml glass teapot and transferring the brewed tea to an insulated mug. That worked perfectly for this tea, which came in little 15 gram pouches. Following Eugene's brewing suggestions; boiling water for 1 minute; I was rewarded. What a nice tea! A trace of smoke from the re-roasting, but only a small trace. Citrusy and sweet and oh so smooth. Perhaps not cheap, but a great treat!

(Posted on 10/18/17)

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