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Miles' Birthday Blend 2012 Spring

This cake is a special Yiwu blend that we made to celebrate the birth of our son Miles, the dragon baby. When he was 5 months in the womb, he visited the mountains where this tea was made. The leaves are 80% Gua Feng Zhai, 20% secret :) Completely hand made, stone pressed & double wrapped, this cake is a gem.
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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 6g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times.

Miles' Birthday Blend 2012 Spring

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The story behind the wrapper design - Miles was born in the year of the dragon, at 9:43am. The time of birth is indicated by the position of the dragon's forearms. Because Miles was named after Miles Davis, his name is written into a trumpet, expressing our wish for music & creativity to be a theme in Miles' life.

Double wrapped for extra protection

Customer Reviews

Miles Smiles

Review by Tea Dharma
You don't need "E.S.P. to know this tea is "Coolin'", after all it's dedicated to "Birth of the Cool" one. It's truly "Seven Steps to Heaven". Drinking this "Bitches Brew" you will find "Sanctuary". It's good enough you may be up "Round About Midnight" but "So What"? This is great tea so "get Up With It" is "What I Say". You will definitely have "Big Fun" drinking this, it is "Steamin". TU "You're Under Arrest". This tea is so good it could be illegal. (Posted on 1/16/16)

Incredible tea... a great experience

Review by boychik (from Steepster)
Having lots of new sheng since May i tend to overleaf them.
I wasnt thinking and put whole 7g of the sample in my tiny 75ml shibo.
Its a first time i recognized immediately my mistake.

This tea is very powerful. It hit me from the very first steep. I was tea drunk right away. Looked up on their website they recommend 6g/100ml.
Transferred to my 100ml yixing. Much better.

This tea is incredible. it is very thick, very sweet and smooth . Starts from yellow but on a 2nd steep it becomes pretty orange. And bitterness comes in. Not slight, pretty pronounced along with some astringency. Followed up with sweet aftertaste, but not like honey sweet, more floral syrupy.

I continued the next morning ,its pretty long lasting. Bitterness faded away. It was just smooth and pleasant. then i decided to increase the time to almost a minute and it was quite punchy and bitter again.

Thank you Stephanie for sharing this incredible tea with me. it was a great experience. (Posted on 9/5/15)

A great tea to drink

Review by Sammerz314 (from Steepster)
I ordered 30 grams of this tea along with another Gua Feng Zhai blend a couple of weeks back. Upon arrival, I was rather eager to get this one into my Gaiwan. As usual, I go with about 6 grams to 100 mL of water. The wet leaves have a pleasant look – complete intact leaves with a brown colour with a subtle green tint to them. I really enjoy the nose off these leaves. The wet leaves produce a pleasant soft, sweet, fruity fragrance. I suppose one can say its typical of the region. The liquor isn’t too light or too thick in the mouth but rather nice. Definitely a nice sweetness and mouth feel to it. The Hui gan is definitely there as well. Easily lasting up to 20 seconds. I feel that this is a great tea to drink, however, I wouldn’t pick up a full bing at the asking price. I’d give this tea an 85/100 :).

I completely love the story behind the wrapper! From the dragon arms pointing to time Miles was born to the significance of the trumpet! Got to love Miles Davis!!!!! In fact, this entire tea session was accompanied by Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue! (Posted on 9/5/15)

Fabulous ambrosia

Review by Phi (from Steepster)
Why oh why does this have to be so good?! It has all the nectar notes of GFZ along with something slightly bitter. I’m still trying to place if it is a menghai or mengla type of bitter… I haven’t ever had LBZ straight, but know TU likes to blend with it, and there is a very light almost bulang bitterness… So I’d guess there is some of that in there. Maybe 10% with another 10% of another source, since it isn’t too prominent. The bitterness makes me think of manzhuan, but it doesn’t have the raw sugary after taste manzhuan or other yiwu sources seem to have to me.

The after taste lingers and lingers. This is fabulous ambrosia. I can see why it’s almost sold out.

Flavors: Bitter, Floral, Nectar (Posted on 8/3/15)

Lovely sweet and somewhat mellow

Review by Stephanie (from Steepster)
I’ve been enjoying this sheng all afternoon. This is another one of my huge batch of TeaUrchin samples I got for my birthday :D

Lovely sweet and somewhat mellow. I’m digging the vibe and creamy mouthfeel. Flavor is bright and fresh with hints of floral. (Posted on 8/3/15)

Worth every penny

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
The soup starts off a very pale gold in color that by steeping four turns into the color of raw honey. The smell to me is a combination of butter and hay that is very pleasing to to the nose. The taste is a very sweet with a beautiful floral undertone. There is just a hint of kuwei with a very nicely balanced astringency at the end. This tea is not cheap, but it is worth every penny I spent on it. I just want to know what the secret 20% is!!!!!! (Posted on 7/27/14)

2012 Miles' Birthday by TeaUrchin

Review by Jakub Tomek
The scent of dry leaves was certainly promising and stronger than you meet in many other Yiwu teas. I like Guafengzhai for its "in-your-face" power and directness.

The leaves are quite long, not always whole, but definitely in large pieces. And there is a lot of whole leaves too.

Upon rinsing, ample amount of makes-me-happy aroma is emitted by the leaves. There is a lot of sweetness and while I'd describe the main aroma as "wet hay", but it could be viewed as floralness too. And there's a lovely aroma of blackberries too. I like that component in Yiwu teas; when it is manifested in the taste as much as in aroma, I tend to quickly fall in love with it.
Listening to Kind of Blue, I poured myself a cup.

The liquor actually started a lot lighter, yellower, but gradually changed into this sort of orange. It is pleasing to look at, I think.

The performance in mouth is very good, I'd say. Unlike a lot of Yiwu teas, this cake has easy-to-grasp taste, it's not just "sweet thick nothing". Guafengzhai is indeed a tasty place. I'd say the liquor is very thick, very sweet and smooth in a most pleasing way. It starts with higher tones of dark forest fruit and then, over further steepings, acquires more clearly defined heavy floral undertones (like lilies, I believe). Overall, the taste is quite satisfying, rich and fulfilling. I had no problem aiming all my concentration at drinking it.

After the main body of the taste goes away, a rather smooth bitterness comes up, followed by a medium deal of astringency - which is also quite smooth. No problem there. I did not pick up as much cooling and vibrations as I have in some other Yiwu teas.

Where the tea shone the most for me was its qi or whatever you call it. It was an intense experience to drink this. Right after swallowing the first couple of cups, I felt that my perception of the world around changes to that pleasantly "stoned" point of view and I had stronger and different perception of processes inside my body. Not many teas affected me this strongly from the start (and all were from Yiwu, interesting...).

I think that Miles may be very happy with this cake. It is a very well done piece and if you are, like me, a fan of Guafengzhai area, it's probably noticeably cheaper than this year's (or, even worse, of the years to come) material. Still not an exactly cheap tea (and I'd still prefer to buy something older), but in the realm of young teas, this cake seems to offer a rather good value for the money. (Posted on 5/19/13)

Greater complexity & depth

Review by Nick from Psychanaut
At the same price as Tea Urchin's Gua Feng Zhai, is the equally excellent (yet not written about yet by a single person so far) Miles Birthday Blend Spring 2012: With a mixture that is 80% Guafengzhai and 20% secret. Therefore, it has more in common with the GuafengZhai than any other of these teas, yet it is distinct–that 20% makes all the difference–it has a certain bitterness which is lacking in the pure GFZ that I find gives it a greater complexity, more depth, and in my mind, somehow (I could be wrong), continually found myself thinking that it is because of these differences that it could age better. What is that 20%? Mengku? Lincang? I don’t know Yunnan geography well enough to say, but I can certainly detect the difference. (Posted on 10/28/12)

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