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Mengku tasting set

Get 4 delightful 100g Mengku mini cakes from the 2012 Spring harvest. All 4 cakes are made by Jin Qiao 津乔, an up and coming puer factory with a flair for design and quality leaves. 印象 "Impression" is Jin Qiao's flagship blend, 邦界 “Bang Jie” and 那焦 “Na Jiao” are single-origin teas from Bang Jie village and Na Jiao village. We are giving away one free cake of 百年老树 "100 year old trees" with every set, so you get 4 cakes for the price of 3.

We highly recommend purchasing together with Jin Qiao's 100g 2011 Autumn Xiao Yang Chun cake for comparison tasting.

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(400g) | Availability: Out of stock
Out of Stock
Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Mengku tasting set

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Each cake comes in its own cardboard box. We have packaged all 4 boxes in an attractive gift box.

From left to right: 那焦 Na Jiao, 印象 "Impression", 邦界 Bang Jie and 百年老树 "100 year old trees"

那焦 Na Jiao 2012 Spring - can also be bought as an individual cake

印象 "Impression" 2012 Spring - can also be bought as an individual cake

邦界 Bang Jie 2012 Spring - can also be bought as an individual cake

百年老树 "100 year old trees" - yours for free if you buy this set.

Tea liquor color after 5min infusion. Please note the cups are not included in the set.

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