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Luo Shui Dong 2012 Spring

This cake is made from high quality gushu leaves sourced from Luo Shui Dong 落水洞 - a famous puer producing village in Yiwu. The farmers here are primarily Han ethnicity, known for their excellent hand-processing technique. This early spring tea produces is a clear bright yellow liquor, with a sweet, buttery mouthfeel. Because it is easy to drink when young, Luo Shui Dong is a good entry point for those new to sheng (raw) puer, or those who don’t like bitter or astringent flavors. Read more about Luo Shui Dong on our blog. To create a vertical tasting, buy together with our 2011 Autumn Luo Shui Dong.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 8grams of tea for a 100ml teapot or gaiwan. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 10 times

Luo Shui Dong 2012 Spring

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Customer Reviews

Well balanced, great body

Review by Alexander (from Steepster)
Very well balanced mixture of spicy, discreet floral, bitter and astringent notes with pleasant stable character and great body. Reminds a bit of the 2012 EoT Baotang, albeit finer, more subtle and with less intensive Qi.
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Flavors: Astringent, Bitter, Floral, Heavy, Smooth, Spicy, Sweet (Posted on 1/2/19)

Sweet candy

Review by Lionel
I received this cake yesterday. I am lucky to be able to compare with the 2011 autumn Luo Shui Dong harvest. This 2012 spring cake is a real enjoyment for me : I generously put the leaves in my zini shui ping (about 7-8g / 85 ml). It is never bitter or astringent. It is quite strong, fruity, flowery, sweet, candy like. So delicious ! I keep the liquor 30 seconds in my mouth, appreciate its quality. The 2011 autumn version has less body and strength, more on the fruity side, with "old wine" notes. Very calming tea. Both are worth possessing in your pu er stash !! Thanks once again Eugene and Belle for these pu er cake. I will certainly have many great sessions with them !! (Posted on 7/12/15)

calm and sweet

Review by Tobias
As the weather is nice and sun is shining, I tried this tea today in my Yixing. For me a calm and sweet tea that suits me for the last 2 hours... the leaf is very fine and unbroken... I also enjoyed the post in your blog! Tea with history and face... just want to say "Thank you" for some nice cups! (Posted on 6/1/14)

Good beginner sheng

Review by EdoB
The tea brews a very light yellow, lighter than most sheng I think. It is a fairly light tea with some initial sweetness but underlying bitterness (in a good way). It has a decent mouthfeel - slightly drying/astringent. This is a good beginner sheng. (Posted on 7/19/12)

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