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Lao Jizi Bao Zhong

This high mountain Bao Zhong is made by Zheng Tian Fu (郑添福), one of the most famous tea makers in Taiwan. Master Zheng insists on hand processing, instead of using machines. He thinks the most important process is to "LangQin" with tenderness. He says "When you are shaking the leaf, you should treat them very gently with a peaceful mood, just like treating a baby. It's not about how much I can make from the tea, it's about how much love I can give to the tea." Normally, Baozhong comes from WenShan and NanGang Area, where the elevation is 500-700m, and the tree species is Qin Xin Da Mou. But Laojizi Baozhong comes from Nan Tou mountain, and grows at a much higher elevation of 1400-1600m. Here the tree species is Qin Xin Oolong, a more delicate cultivar. For his Laojizi, Master Zheng only picks the tea around lunch time and withers under direct sunlight. He employs a longer withering and "kill green" time than other producers. The resulting tea is clean, smooth, thick, and creamy. With a floral aroma, it is subtly melon sweet with a hint of mint.
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Steeping Instructions:
For this delicate oolong, cool the water to 80 degrees celsius before adding to the tea leaves. Given the shape of the leaves, we prefer to use a gaiwan or tea bowl instead of a tea pot.

Lao Jizi Bao Zhong

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James & Denny from TeaDB review this tea:

Customer Reviews

A magic combination

Review by Sebastien W.
The Lao Jizi Baozhong has all the characteristics of a great tea. Its aromas are very complex and its finesse his underlined by a long after taste, typical of Taiwanese high mountain teas.

However the Quingxin cultivar is commonly used for Baozhong production, here with we have a tea very far from standard notes traditionally found in regular Baozhong. That must be the magic combination of the terroir, the altitude and the expertise of the tea maker. (Posted on 8/20/15)

stunning experience

Review by ehbenoit
this tea can not be reduced to descriptors... it is beyond such pointless babble. it was unquestionably the finest oolong I have ever tasted... truly extraordinary. (Posted on 4/2/12) (Posted on 5/30/15)

I would not hesitate to recommend this tea.

Review by susanooi
Brew it in the correct way with as much love and care, watch the tea leaves unfold and be rewarded with a cup of absolute satisfaction. Yes, this is the best oolong tea I have ever tasted....fragrant, smooth, lovely aftertaste and I could go on and on. (Posted on 7/18/12) (Posted on 5/30/15)

Superb sublimely satisfying and refined

Review by Howard
I used to think Da Yu Ling was my favorite oolong from Taiwan. That was until I tasted this phenomenal oolong tea. Yes you can feel the love that went into its production. The tea bushes are very old ones indeed. Bravo, hats off to Eugene and Belle again. A wonderful tea that I was not aware until now! (Posted on 12/30/13) (Posted on 5/30/15)

There is no doubt only truth and the sharing of love

Review by Freddy
The tea is masterfully crafted and the thing i noticed at first is the red seam surrounding the leaves. According to my knowledge most producers are trying to prevent such a spec because its simply not "trendy". It's the same issue such as the production of extremely yin based taiwanese oolong, way too green in many terms, almost green-tea spec, because most consumers are demanding a very green spec and with clean look... red seams are not very sought after, many may consider it as a failure but its not a failure, it's comparable to bitten oriental beauty leaves... a perfect imperfection, a proof of quality.

Anyway, the aromatic capabilities when the tea was in my cup was very good too: The tea has some melon-like sweetness and fragrance, at the top of that melon-shell is a lot of flowers dancing with my palate, there is even a slight bit of menthol-like cooling, rarely found in oolong, it's truly special I can say.

Thanks for sourcing and providing one of the best oolong ever made and I'm sure Master Zheng was giving this tea all the love he was able to share. There is no doubt, the truth is way too apparent, you only have to open eyes... mouth and heart. (Posted on 10/3/14) (Posted on 5/30/15)


Review by Richard
At this point it is almost predictable that Belle and Eugene have sourced yet another top-notch oolong from Taiwan. The others' comments are accurate in my experience and I can recall only one other baozhong that approaches this one (and it has been a while since that tea was available). I will offer one opinion contrary to the steeping suggestions: this tea brewed wonderfully in a xi shi zhuni teapot. (Posted on 2/1/15) (Posted on 5/30/15)

Subtle and unique oolong

Review by Hoonill Won
Sweet white flower note with touch of tropical fruits
Subtle, but intense menthol flavour in after taste.
Unique and subtle. (Posted on 4/14/15) (Posted on 5/30/15)

Fresh, marvelous with a story of inspiration!

Review by Philipp Aba -
Review with pictures at

And again it is time for the Urchin power. Tea Urchin is in the house and this house smells like a winner. This time we are going to cross a small ocean part away from mainland of China to his smaller brother the green and outstanding island of Taiwan. Not only is the Baozhong one of my absolute favorite type of Taiwanese teas it is also the featured tea for today’s Sunday. Here in Vienna it is getting hotter and hotter and whats suits this type of weather the best as a floral fruity tea. So let’s take a very deep and close look.

Taking the first breath means to inhale a different terrain a place between heaven and earth. Even in this first seconds there is a lot going on starting with a thick orchid floral honey-ish and citrus wave covering a sweet and juicy core of fresh fruits like peaches and a fine delicate astringency touch plus the freshness of a warm dark rye bread.

Giving it a warm rinse this whole mesh of thick coloration unfolds his true size and nature. The citrus flair is gaining a lot in his intensity while the mouth can’t stop watering. On the flowery side there is much – much more going on because now you will receive a whole bouquet starting with lilac (syringa) followed by elder and topped off with a fine layer of cherry blossoms. And also the peaches are not alone anymore they got a good and also juicy fresh company of plums. The end of the first path is layered with a different sweetness as the honey one before because now it resembles a lot more like dextrose (corn sugar).

After some ongoing steepings his tasting texture is changing more and more from a fruity character into a vegetable one like sugar snaps with a last hint of nashi pear fruit skin.

Facing the visual aspect means facing a peace of art. There is no doubt that a master laid hands on those fine and carefully rolled leaves. The volume is huge and a lot of stuff beside those colorful leaves is going on – many twigs and stems. Talking about coloration: All those shimmering emerald green colors mixed with a deep dark blue-ish green fusion are just a gift for the visual senses. After the leaves got involved with a couple of steepings you will be able to face the real and outstanding nature of this little masterpiece. Every leave is preserved in his whole condition and tainted with such a thick and strong green coloration. Mother nature at its best.

But lets jump to the tasty part. Those cups are as bright as they could be but in his composition as thick as you could think of because there is a lot going on. Tasting the first drop and the tongue is already rhapsodizing in highest tones especially the ones of nashi pears. Coming like a tiny wave you might notice a subtle vegetable hint inside the next step which evolves into a long lasting and cooling feeling on the palatal and inside your mouth. After a short moment even this stage translocating a tingling feeling inside your cheeks. Of course a major part still is provided by a nice floral undertaking while leading to a subtle sweet field of bourbon vanilla covered with a fine sweet cookie. Leading to a preliminary end of this first steeping you are going to meet up with three fellows in the following row: First a very fresh and sweet layer of plums which directly flows into another scene of the skin of a bunch of green wine grapes followed by a last floral finish of cherry blossoms.

Typical for those types of tea the floral aspect is gaining a very perfumy scent to it. Also the cherry blossom part got stronger and isn’t the only part anymore which carries the word „cherry“ inside. Now you also get to know a bunch of pickled cherries followed again by fresh nashi pears and green wine grapes but now with more pulp parts as before. Filling the gaps with something new you might notice a subtle hint of something nutty like sunflower seeds with a plus of pistachios. The echo is long and swings perfectly on your tongue even after the last sip is done minutes ago.

The third chapter isn’t the last for real but the last one here. In fact you can steep this fellow perfectly until the 6th or 7th time. But lets face the third act. Still strong but now holding some new aspects inside to keep the intensity where she belongs. Especially a very spicy herbal mint fresh aspect is clearly a major part of the following rounds.

What should I say? Of course this tea was amazing again. „YES THEY CAN!“ and they definitely have the green thumb when it comes to great taste, great tea and great sources. Even missing the gold rank very VERY close this tea is the best Baozhong I tasted so far and just another example how great quality should and can be. (Posted on 5/10/15)
(Posted on 5/30/15)

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