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Gua Feng Zhai 2015 Spring

Our 2015 Gua Feng Zhai 刮风寨 presents a strong floral aroma, with a light butter note. The soup is thick, with really nice mid-palate grain and wood flavors, and a grassy aftertaste. A spot of huigan appears at the back of throat, chaqi kicks in around the 4th infusion, starting with a warm belly, then rising from the diaphragm and down the arms.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Gua Feng Zhai 2015 Spring

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This is our fourth pressing from Gua Feng Zhai. To get an idea of how this tea will age, read the reviews of our 2012 Spring Gua Feng Zhai. You may also compare against our 2013 Spring Gua Feng Zhai, and our 2011 Autumn Gua Feng Zhai for a vertical tasting.

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