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Bulang Secret Garden 2014 Spring

With prices rising for those famous puer producing villages, we've explored further afield to bring you great tasting cakes from those undiscovered places, where value can still be found. This cake is from one such "secret garden." The aroma is brimful of nectar, honey and flowers. Yet true to its Bulang roots the wet leaves have a whiff of smoke, a base of fried yellow beans, moist earth and damp logs. The flavor is classical Bulang, bringing a righteous amount of kuse, but not overpowering, with an airy huigan left on the breath. This is an approachable cake, even for Bulang beginners, but we recommend shorter steep times for best results.

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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Add boiling hot water. This tea can re-infused at least 10 times.

Bulang Secret Garden 2014 Spring

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Customer Reviews

Not a single gushu though tippy

Review by Louie Carlo
well, after some time drinking this, i found its an everyday cake, higher quality than ordinary cake sold on ebay... very bold flavors. kind of one sided. garden might be 4 ft tall...36 bucks is orig price so as of now this is a good bargain compared to any bulang now... (2018). when as if you bought this way back you will have to shout for expensive...TU just gave the premium par that time, now its at a bargain:-) (Posted on 12/31/18)

Strong as can be but still drinkable

Review by Jiāng Luo (from Steepster)
woof this is a rough and tumble bitter masochistic puer. Strong as can be but still drinkable IMO. If I ever order from tea urchin again I will be sure to grab a cake (Posted on 9/5/15)

An expensive daily-drinker

Review by bellmont
Wide leaves and brew that comes out much lighter than the website pictures. The website also denotes “earthiness” and I am really struggling to find it in this tea which is light amalgamation of bitter, mint and honeysuckle sweet throughout the entire session. This a good daily drinker, though pricey ($64.27 for 357g) when one considers the overall experience. Other vendor offer similar bulang/menghai county daily drinkers for half the price with no different taste experience. (Posted on 9/1/15)

And so, a secret was told...

Review by Rogo
This tea was a joy, and being so young it was hard to place.
It resembles a merging of high quality LongJing and some greener Taiwanese oolongs, however tasted like neither. This will no doubt change in a year or two.
The viscosity was nice and oily, and the hue was a sandy green/amber, beautiful and young.
Surprisingly this tea did not deliver a bold bitterness, but instead did the cha-cha at the back of my throat, which ebbed into a sticky sweet finish, mild yet distinct.
This is undoubtedly a Bulang, the aromas are extremely western Puerh and beautiful.
I am sat, captivated by the complexity of the aromas, sweet grass, butter fried candy, I stoop into a deep meditation.
Shares little resemblance to it's Yiwu cousins...
It is a subtle tea, for the patient and searching soul, capturing so much; yet there is a strong feeling, that it is holding deep within, a little 'secret', that only the bold can discover.


And so,
A secret was told,
Of the gardens of Bulang,
A place for the bold. (Posted on 12/19/14)

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