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Bulang Beauty 2013 Spring

Our 2013 Spring Bulang blend has all the hallmark bitterness of Bulang kucha, but with a complex mid-range and a delectable sweet top note & huigan. We chose old trees growing in forest near the Myanmar border, and you can definitely taste that forest spirit in this tea. We've deliberately left some huangpian in there, because it enhances the thickness & sweetness. Each cake is wrapped in hand-made Dai paper, with a linocut block print by the artist Elaine Su-Hui. The colorful splashes are inspired by the ceremonial headdress worn by Bulang women. A beautiful & completely hand-crafted, limited edition cake. Only 42 cakes in existence, each signed by the artist.
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Steeping Instructions:
We recommend 7g of tea leaves in a 100ml brewing vessel. Use boiling hot water. This tea can be re-infused at least 15 times.

Bulang Beauty 2013 Spring

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Customer Reviews

An excellent sheng

Review by swapilot (from Steepster)
This is my first Tea Urchin tea and it lives up to its name. Eugene nails this one on the head: “Our 2013 Spring Bulang blend has all the hallmark bitterness of Bulang kucha, but with a complex mid-range and a delectable sweet top note & huigan.” The soup is a beautiful light gold and to me has a beautiful smell of butter. The taste is perfectly balanced between sweetness and bitterness. My favorite part of this tea is how it’s energy keeps the taste buds alive long after I am done drinking it. This is an excellent Sheng and if you love Shengs you really need to give this tea a lot of consideration. Well done Eugene and Belle!!!!!!! (Posted on 7/27/14)

Nice looking leaves

Review by JN
Nice looking leaves. Sweet sugar cane flavor is readily accessible. Almost a sweet stewed carrot flavor. Wet mouth. A bit of energy in the head. Still young but should develop. (Posted on 10/24/13)

I like it

Review by Serg
This blend is really good! The taste is complex and there is nice pleasant bitterness in it which I like in young sheng. As for Tea Urchin's 2013 bu lang teas, I liked Ban Pen most of all (and it's more expensive) and this blend is the second best for me. (Posted on 9/25/13)

Fantastic tea!

Review by Lionel Quere
I immediately fell in love with the Bulang Beauty ! So I bought 2 cakes of this. I am drinking it when writing these words...There would be so much to say about this fantastic tea ! I had been looking for a real strong and bitter young sheng for months, now I can say I found it ! I must say you have done a great job on this tea, the blend of the leaves is very good. The 2 components of the tea are very pleasant : sweetness and strength/bitterness. I like to "play" with this tea, I mean change the parameters and see what it produces, very sweet, very strong. Thank you very much for this very special tea, and congratulations to Elaine for the wonderful wrapper ! (Posted on 9/22/13)

The bitterness I adore

Review by Lionel
I have been looking for strong and bitter young sheng for a while. Now that I have found this Bulang Beauty I know I found it !
As Eugene writes, this tea perfectly blends sweetness and bitterness, even if this seems contradictory...
Changing the parameters of the infusion (amount of leaves, steeping times), you can have a very strong cup, which lasts forever in the mouth, or a sweet and candy-like cup...
Needless to say that the wrapper is really wonderful !
Thank you Eugene, Belle and Elaine. (Posted on 9/3/13)

Top-Shelf Blend...

Review by DP
Honestly, it is difficult to pick a favorite out of the Tea Urchin's '13 Spring teas, but if I had to pick this cake would be up there. It is a perfect blend. This is what blends are supposed to do. Changing throughout the infusions, building like a story, and then settling down while leaving a smile on your face.

The wrapper is beautiful. I really love the special edition cakes that Eugene does with his sister. This is another cake that deserves that extra attention.

Top rate tea bundled in a work of art. Wonderful.

-DP (Posted on 8/30/13)

Great Job

Review by Thaneadpol Burapaskul
You did a great job on this tea. It is not far from Lao Ban Zhang at all for the smell and flavor but with a notch lower huigan intensity. Very pleasing. (Posted on 7/30/13)

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